With the joint effort on integration by the town administration of Puxin and High Carbon&Special Steels Co.,Ltd.,the Changhua County Association of Integrated Precision Machining Suppliers(CCAIPMS)is founded. Changhua County is Taiwan's machining hub where suppliers cluster and boasts diverse and mature machining and mold design technologies after decades of development.

The earlier hard work contributed by the older generation of practitioners, although often resulting in incomplete fingers in them and giving them the nickname of the greasy-handed band, laid the foundation that propelled Taiwan's precision machining as a basic industry.

Many of the suppliers have so far developed into small or midsize businesses and are the OEM parts suppliers for many renowned brands, earning them as an industrial cluster the reputation of "invisible champions" in Taiwan's precision machining. With the common mission that incorporates "tradition and innovation", they have founded CCAIPMS in close collaboration with their hands held tight. With hands as the starting concept and "union, turnabout, innovation and added value" as the core objectives, they expect to achieve glory together.

Creation of joint visual identity

(I)Conceptual planning  
The conceptualization starts with the attempt to break 
free from the existing impression of "greasy hands" that the businesses and the outer world share and captures the following elements as the bases:(1)the incomplete fingers from occupational injuries that are almost universally seen in every older generation business owner;(2)the turnabout imagery - the concept that bases itself on traditional hard work by hand and evolves into improvement and innovation as times and the environment change;(3)collaboration as an industrial alliance; and(4) the DIY propensity in people with mechanical background.


(II)Planning of the visual identity symbol - LOGO  
This is a simplified image generated from the concept of interlocking hands. It symbolizes the entire precision machining industry in seamless collaboration as a chain closely linked together. The hexagonal outer frame of the logo gives an additional mechanical touch.